What if Black America Were a Country?

    She speaks truth… And nah, I don’t mess around with WSHH - this is the only place I could find the embed code. lol

    "I can drown the drink of water, and kill a dead tree. Wait till you see Muhammad Ali." #blackhistorymonth


    Faith looks back and draws courage; hope looks ahead and keeps desire alive.
    John Eldredge & Brent Curtis, Sacred Romance
    It is a rare soul indeed who has been sought after for who she is, not because of what she can do or what others can gain from her, but simply for herself.
    John Eldredge & Brent Curtis, Sacred Romance
    8 of the Worst Countries For Black People to Travel - Atlanta Black Star













    South Korea


    This just hurt my heart. I’m supposed to be studying abroad this year in both Italy and Thailand and you’re telling me that I have to put up with the same ignorance that ran me out of my previous school?


    All I could think while reading this was, Wow White people have literally fucked up the entire world. Like the whole thing.

    I really wanted to go to Greece and Italy

    don’t let this dumb shit discourage you. TRAVEL. You will have dumb racist people everywhere you go but are you REALLY going to let that discourage you. Sometimes people think the way they do because they JUST DON’T KNOW, why?, because dumb shit like this makes people uncomfortable and scared to step outside their comfort zone. I really wish more black people would broaden their horizons and travel. I’ve studied abroad last year and i’m doing it again this year, it’s an amazing experience. 

    ^ I agree! Travel if you want to travel. And go where you want to go. I am living in Germany for a year right now. I had a lot of people tell me not to go because, “Germany has Nazis.” Granted, I live in West Germany, which I hear is less racist, but I am apart of a government-funded program that places 75 Americans all throughout Germany for one year. I have black friends in this program the south, and in East Germany - specifically in Dresden (which is usually the city that is referenced for racism in Germany). And even though the article claims that blacks might not make it out alive… guess what - none of us are dead. I went to Berlin for New Years - made it out alive - they’re really used to tourists there. And Germany has a HUGE influx of Turkish people, who come in as many shades as black people - and they are still alive, and thriving.

    I will say that most white Germans don’t really understand the concept of being black, but not being from Africa. And I’ve had a couple of Africans here ask if I’m mixed (even though in America, I’m considered black), so I DO get questions, and awkward comments. My friend in Dresden HAS gotten some racist comments, but it hasn’t stopped him from getting an internship in a local hospital.

    And traveling isn’t only about opening YOUR eyes, but other people’s eyes as well.

    Teen Thrown In Violent New York Prison For Years Without Ever Having Been Convicted

    [Fatherland Documentary] follows a group of Afrikaner boys over 9 days at a military-style camp in the spirit of their fathers before them. However, what starts out as basic training, fitness and camaraderie soon intensifies as the true nature of the camp is revealed and the boys are forced to question their place in the ‘New South Africa’…

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